From material sourcing to complete product delivery.

Choose from our rich network of suppliers from Italy, Germany and UK.  We are official Zegna Baruffa agent  logo zegna baruffa

Capacity of 30000
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High-quality end-to-end
knitwear production

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Quality assurance

Material sourcing

services yarn sourcing

We navigate you through the process of choosing the main material (yarns) with technical knowledge to meet your requirements. We take in mind all the specifics: price range, composition, certificates, appearance, touch, special effects, purpose, appropriate machine gauge ect.

Consultation on the accessories used is also part of the process. From labels and buttons designed from natural materials to engraved logos and badges.

We are talking about all kinds of labels: printed, woven, paper tags, barcodes, ect. Or other secondary accessories like buttons from natural materials (wood, shell, coconut, corozo), engraved logos, dye to match, badges or others. Hand-knitted accessory could also be your choice for a custom, unique look.

Confirming your final choice and color range together with the delivery conditions is an essential part of the whole process.  Then, we send color cards and swatches directly to you.


We turn your sketch or an idea into a real quality garment by assembling all the processes before we get to the final appearance of the collection. Sampling is a time and material consuming process that needs even more attention. We choose the right yarn, structure and density carefully which is the ingredient for a good quality garment.

We provide a wide variety of yarns and machines to meet the high standards. The process of sampling is supported by a constant communication with you to make sure the end result meets your expectations.

services sampling

Let’s produce together!

Having on board all the machine gauges from 3 to 14gg, allows us to be flexible with small and big orders. We control the process on an hourly basis to keep the one-in, one-out sequence and maintain a more effective production.

We are based in Bulgaria and the affordable production price is a great advantage and every long-term partnership will benefit from it.

services production

Delivery to your customers

We offer additional services such as dividing, packing and labeling small lots of the main order and sending it directly to the end customer. This saves a lot of time and additional transport cost. We could also offer storage for the brands with direct and online sales. In those cases the goods are kept in our warehouse and we dispatch what and when the customer needs them.

And when it comes to transportation, the quick and reliable delivery could be crucial for this constantly changing fashion industry. We’ve built firm relations with global and local couriers and transport companies, and we recommend which one to use for every destination we know. There are no subcontractors, longer delivery times and higher cost. Everything happens on time and at an affordable price.

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