How did Martonik start back in the 90s?

My name is Toma Poyryazov, owner of Martonik Ltd. – a family owned company. Everything started 30 years ago when my father Nikolay Poyryazov headed a knitting factory with 1000 garments daily production. Just a few years later it became one of the famous knitwear production places in the region with its own brand collections and customers worldwide. The factory provided end-to-end knitting services from collections design to fashion shows and exhibitions. A few years later when the factory ceased work, my father opened his own company aiming to cover all services in producing knitwear collections.

‘I’ve been gaining knowledge from my father Nikolay daily’

I was really interested in running the family business since I was a little boy. I’ve involved myself since early age and I’ve been gaining knowledge from my father Nikolay daily in managing the processes, building firm relationships with our clients and partners and leading the team. The missing piece of the puzzle was the scientific approach therefore I graduated the “Engineer knowledge in Textile” in Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria and continued my professional journey with a degree from London College of Fashion, UK. Now I had the needed information and I was ready to put it into practice and meet the modern days’ competition.

‘I’ve started as an apprentice – at the lowest possible level’

My father Nikolay was a real craftsman and he knew every detail in the factory processes from our clients to materials, technology and team members. If I wanted to manage our family business, I should have learnt the basics – so I’ve started as an apprentice in my father’s company. The lowest level workplace in the production possible. He wanted to make sure that his successor will be well-prepared and experienced enough to manage with potential issues in future when all responsibilities become his.

I’ve spent years in improving my skills by working in one department or another. First, I was in the Technology department where I was responsible for the precise workmanship of the garments. Then I proceed with the Textiles team learning how to carefully choose the right yarns that meet our customers’ expectations. I worked closely with the Sales people, negotiating with our customers and then came my first manager position – Trade Manager of Martonik Ltd. That was the best part of my working path – my father and I were working together everyday and providing quality in fashion collections production literally on a next level.

‘Martonik is bringing personal touch and years of experience to every piece of your high-end fashion collections.’

As an owner of Martonik and its inner heart engine, I am also surrounded by a reliable team of experts leading every major department in the company. We are bringing personal touch and years of experience to every piece of your high-end fashion collections. The company is currently working with lots of successful brands in the textile and knitting industry as well as partnering with global names. This 30-years family business is not only growing rapidly but also acquired shares in other smaller companies.


End-to-end knitwear production. Made in EU

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